Green • MERCÈ VANCELLS nutrició i salut integrativa
Plants transform the energy of sunlight into plant energy, and store it and we get it when we eat it.
Plants, food, energy, sunlight
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leaves and stems

The word “vegetal” (green) comes from the Latin word vegere, which means giving life.

The plant provides oxygen on earth.

Plants convert energy from sunlight into energy for the plant, and this energy is stored in the plant and it is what we receive when we eat them.

The stem is the axis of the plant that grows towards the light and supports the leaves and flowers of transporting other nutrients (sap) between the root and the rest of the plant.

The people would be equivalent body, which also contains all organs and all transports nutrients through the blood.

Human nature is well designed and has its own mechanisms for nutrition and removal to keep clean blood and body.

When this balance is not respected in a natural way, the body and blood are intoxicated, and the body begins to give symptoms of this poisoning that can be very different: aching joints, headaches, constipation, bloating, overweight, fluid retention, skin problems, low energy …

The body detoxifies every day, depending on the toxins we breathe, think, eat, and generate it will be kept balanced or not.

It’s important to help the body detoxify and take care of us looking for a balance adapted to each person.

The physical elimination of toxins also involves the release of emotions.

Detoxification is a magical process.

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