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So to grow in every way we are also fed by caresses. And these are what we will incorporate as habits.
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To grow, a plant needs to receive appropriate caresses from the four elements of nature: earth, water, air and sun.

Similarly, we are not only nourished by food. To live we feed from the four elements: we eat solid foods, we drink water, we breath air, and we are charged with solar energy, which is energy that loads the entire system.

So to grow in every way we are also fed by caresses.

And these are what we will incorporate as habits.


The air we breathe is transformed solar energy.

During photosynthesis, plants absorb the sun’s energy and use it to transform CO2 into O2, the air we breathe.

The natural foods we eat are converted solar energy reserves.

Sunlight shines and gives us energy and joy, feeds our mood.

And the lack of sunshine has the opposite effect.


How many times we have heard “food is your medicine.”

But this vegetal food is highly dependent on the soil where they have grown to have a number of nutrients or others. The food has the nutrients that the soil has.

It is very important for us to eat organic food as it will have many more nutrients and it is much better if we know exactly the source.

Rub the body

If you start the day rubbing the body it helps you eliminate toxins, calm the mind, connect with yourself, activate the blood and lymphatic circulation.


When we breathe superficially, the cells do not receive enough oxygen and feel tired.

Many people eat more because they do not breathe deeply.

The busy life does not allow us to connect with our essence. When we feel disconnected and saturated, we will recover our centre with just a few breaths,

It should also be noted that the lungs are the pump of the lymphatic system, and breathing improves our immune system.

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