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The foods that nature provides us are still the same, what has changed is how we feed ourselves as a species, losing some of our origins.
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When the plant reaches maturity, it produces the fruit, edible and attractive, to ensure its perpetuity.

Within the new fruits, the new seeds are protected to close, once again the circle of life.

The same circle that we close whenever we achieve what we have decided.

And these fruits the nature gives us, are our food.

What we eat affects what we think, what we feel and our behaviour.

The word “alimento”(food) comes from the Latin word “Alimentum” which comes from the Latin verb “to Lere” which means: to feed, to grow in the sense of giving us life, energy and health.

The problem is that food over the years has evolved, it has been increasingly denaturalised and some of it is now considered food with very few “natural” ingredients, and this change in the human diet is what makes us not so healthy and with less energy.

Foods that nature provides us remain the same, what has changed is how we feed ourselves as a species, losing some of our origins.

Food can be ingested by nurture or pleasure.

Recover simplicity in food, and let’s get him the most out.

You can download these files, they can be useful to feed yourself in a healthy and natural way.

Calendar crops

Harmonize ourselves with the cycles of nature and enjoy the fruits of each season

Cooking and soaking times

Cooking and soaking times for seeds, nuts, legums and vegetalbles. Ready for printing, laminating and bending in A5, and have it in the kitchen

Dirty Dozen

Always try to feed yourself with organic products, but if you can not economically afford it, at least eat the foods on the list, considered the DIRTY DOZEN coming from organic farming, and you will avoid toxicity in your body.

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