Roots • MERCÈ VANCELLS nutrició i salut integrativa
We like plants, to grow, we need our roots.
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my roots

The roots fix the plant in the land where the plant can absorb water and the vital essences they need to grow and provide the rest of the plant.

Like us, they need to grow their roots.

The more we integrate our roots, the more genuine will our growth be.

The roots are hidden as our intestines.

My career

Since adolescence I have felt attracted to food science and nutrition. I like to know both the biochemistry of food, as well as its botanical origin and its microbiology. So I studied Agricultural Engineering and Food in UPC, and I did different courses related to food and nutrition and their risks.

After working in public administration, in the food industry, multinational and the corporate world, I returned to my studies thanks to the

Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, which allowed me to integrate everything I’ve learned in life. We are not only what we eat, we must take into account many other factors to be in good health and peace.

I have the certification on Aromatherapy and as well I have the certification on Faciotherapy-Dien Chan, a therapy that I love for its simplicity, efficiency and speed to heal the physical and emotional parts.

To broaden my vision and knowledge of human nature and integrative nutrition I studied Anthroposophic Medicine and Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Agriculture.

The journey that led me to where I am today

Since I have use of reason, I have had an emotional relationship with food, putting and loosing weigh regularly. I always eat more than necessary, thoroughly enjoying eating. It was an immediate pleasure that hid other lacks.

In addition to eating a lot, I also tended to be very active and productive, both socially and professionally. I had little sleep and had to eat more during the day to hold the pace. Fortunately I ‘d done tai chi, yoga and Chi Kung for 17 years and they helped me partly offset this imbalance.

At 23 I was diagnosed with bilateral hip osteoarthritis (my hips looked like an 80 years old lady’s ) and they said they I would have to wear prosthesis before I was 30. Since then I’ve been looking for change and solutions to reduce chronic pain and lose weight . I had to see me lame in life to learn to walk straight again. I haven’t got the prosthesis yet.

A cerebral haemorrhage at age 24, left me deaf of one ear, and temporarily paralyzed part of my face. Again, the body asked me to slow down my imposed pace. But the path of self-discipline and responsibility increased a little bit more when I had three desired children and a job that did not satisfy me at 100%. The priority was to take care of others before me.

Very young I chose homeopathic medicine instead of allopathic and I opened the door to healing through food and non-invasive techniques for the body and the person. The Antigymnastique taught me over 10 years which was my natural rhythm and how to listen to me.

To reduce the chronic hip pain I studied and followed many diets (vegetarian, macrobiotic, ayurvedic, Seignalet, Kousmine …). It’s not enough to have a healthy diet to feel better, you should experience a personal and emotional growth. After many years of learning from all of them, I realised that the disease and desire for healing are the way.

What makes me happy and balanced in life are simple things. Share with family and friends. Be and feel nature. Bike in Barcelona. Weave my loom. Create hats. Read. Watch a good movie. This is meditation for me.

Today if I look with perspective, I recognise that I had created a joyful character hiding sadness within me. My job has been to take off layers to reduce my fears come to my essence and be at peace with myself. I like to accompany others on their journey to find the diamond that we all have inside, sometimes so hidden within us that it remains unseen.

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